Calliope PR: Children & Pets Welcome

I am thrilled to announce that in-house childcare is available for all meetings hosted at Calliope PR headquarters, whether with staff, clients, colleagues, or members of the press.

Before launching Calliope PR, I asked myself what I needed in a workplace and what I wanted to provide to make it a hospitable working environment for everyone in my company’s reach, especially if I’m seeking to support fellow women. As a parent of a young child, there was an obvious answer: provide childcare.

I am fortunate to station Calliope’s headquarters in my home which allows for flexible hours and zero time lost in commute each day, affording me precious extra time to spend with my family. I am also fortunate to have excellent, dependable childcare through my friend, Zasha Arroyo, who became nanny to my daughter three years ago when she was only four months old.

Zasha, a writer, crafter, animal-lover, feminist, and childcare specialist has accepted the position of Childcare Provider for Calliope PR. Which means that asking, “Will anyone need childcare for this meeting?” is now a normal part of doing business. Pets are also welcome.

Zasha Arroyo photo.jpg


A certified early childcare specialist, Zasha Arroyo studied Liberal Arts at University of Buffalo and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Communications from the CUNY City College. She is a former game-day nanny for The New York Yankees, where she looked after the team’s children in Yankee Stadium’s Family Room. She was assistant teacher at Gioyam Day Care (Queens) before becoming nanny to several families in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  

An active writer of fiction and creative nonfiction, her current projects include a Young Adult novel about coming from Puerto Rico and growing up in the Bronx as an avid Yankee fan. She also makes custom-designed children’s and adult clothing inspired by fandoms (i.e., “Got my mind on my mommy and my mommy on my mind #laidback”). Store:

A lifetime animal lover, Zasha Interned with the NYC ASPCA where she contributed to the monthly newsletter. She is also a proud cat-mom to a grey tabby named Persephone, a sweet boy Remy, and a newborn Russian Blue found roadside named Zuchinni.

Please join me in welcoming her to the team,
Sarah Baird Knight 



Sarah Knight